The Pig & Plough Event was a few months back.Yes I know, it took a long time to complete this blog. I apologize for the delay, but time got away from me. Hopefully it is worth the wait.
For those who may not know what a Pig n Plough event is, it is a slow foods dinner series that celebrates the Louisiana culture. In addition promoting local chef collaborations that feature homegrown and raised food here in South Louisiana.
When I first heard about this event, I was super excited, because I love that two local restaurants were combining together, Dark Roux and Laura’s II.
This Pig & Plough Collaboration featured the plate lunch favorite, Laura’s II. My family and I eat there quite often, so this is one of our favorite go to places. One of our favorite dishes are the Stuffed Turkey Wings. So good.

Dark Roux is one of my favorite places to enjoy with friends especially for lunch. Their lunch specials there are delicious. My friend and I went recently and I was blown away by the quality of the food that they were serving at lunch.

As we approached the designated area, the tables were nicely decorated and the atmosphere was set for what would be an amazing dinner and fun time.

My mom and I arrived early for the event. Which gave us an opportunity to check out the setup and see some of the prep work.

As we checked in, we were given a customized glass for our drinks.

Above is a blackeyed peas mixture that was placed on each table to eat with the food items served. The photo below was the prep area.


The setup outdoors was perfect. A Family-style table setup was what they decided to go with.


As we waited, there was a group called, Mad Ministrels performing. This group had a good sound and beautiful voices. Very entertaining indeed.

I walked around a little and observed what was going on during the preparation time. The cooks and staff worked efficiently to get the work done.

One thing that I absolutely loved was the teamwork that was shown as they prepared to serve the food. At some point the staff from each restaurant was helping the other side and vice versa. Teamwork definitely makes the dreamwork. I loved that. Two different style restaurants, coming together for a common goal and to serve a delicious meal.


The sun was beginning to go down, people were starting to have a seat; this could only mean one thing, it was about time to chow down!

The plates were being placed on the grill to warm and start serving the dishes.

Before going to my seat, I spotted this beautiful salad that was intricately prepared by Dark Roux.

The last few items were pulled from this massive grill and headed to the plating area.

We found our seats and began chatting with the people on our table.


The first item served was the meat, the smoked chicken and smoked pork loin. The meat was delicious. The smoked chicken was on point! I felt the pork loin was good but a little on the bland side. Both the chicken and the pork were cooked well. Not overcooked, but perfect. I added a little of the black-eyed pea mixture and it paired well with that.

The salad came next, wow what gorgeous colors! The salad consisted of kale, beets, brussel sprouts, olives and feta cheese. This salad was refreshing!! I wouldn’t normally eat those ingredients together, but the flavors married extremely well together. The people on our table absolutely loved this salad.Below is the Cauliflower. The Cauliflower with cheese was so good. One of my favorite of the night;  not your classic cauliflower with cheese, but so much better.

The Eggplant was the next dish to be served. The eggplant was served cold and pickled.  So good. I have never tried cold eggplant, but it was a winner in our eyes.


The rice dressing balls are pictured below. OH MY! The flavor was out of this world. Classic Laura’s Rice Dressing, made me feel like I was at a family BBQ. Yummy!

The Mustard Greens were flavorful with hints of smoked meat. A really good side dish.
The cornbread was delicious.
Below is the completed plate. All the sides and the meat together. Overall the main course was absolutely scrumptious. The menu was thought out well and served with top notch service.

After the main course we had a little time to sit and chat. My mom and I spoke most of the night with this awesome couple. Our time with this couple was so fun. They were funny and foodies just like us. So it was good to converse about the restaurants they both loved and disliked. So fun.

After the main course we had a little time to walk around. I decided to take a walk by the fireplace and checked out the setup. It was starting to get a cold, so this was perfect. A really nice set up for the guest.
Up next was my favorite course of any good dining experience, Dessert!!


As you can see below, Glazed Donuts was on the menu. OMG. Wait till you see the finish product.
The glazed donuts arrived at the table, nice and hot. The donuts were Superb! I love that the donuts were cooked outdoors and served on the spot.

 Homemade pecan pie and Satsuma Meringue was also on the menu. The two pies were plated together, seen below.

The Satsuma Meringue was so so good!!! My goodness, the toasted top set it over the edge. 

In addition, Banana Pudding was served. The Banana Pudding was some of the best we had ever tasted. We’ve had our share of Banana Pudding and this one was at the top of the list.

I have to admit! I know this is a lot of dessert, but I ate some of everything. My goodness! They nailed it!
The top 2 desserts were the Banana Pudding and the Satsuma Meringue.
Overall our time at the Pig N Plough was outstanding. We had an amazing time and the food was Top Notch. Below is the table of diners we sat with. They were so friendly. We felt like we were at a family BBQ that was filled with food and fun. We are looking forward to the next Pig n Plough. If you have never been to one of their events, you owe it to yourself to attend. You won’t be disappointed.



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