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Dining with kids is something that is common now days. Back in the day, kids barely had a chance to go out to eat. Going out to eat when I was younger was a special treat or for a special occasion.

Things are different now, kids eat out often. Some have very sophisticated pallets at an early age. As a blogger, I enjoy eating out with friends, alone and especially with my husband and kids.

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This particular day, baby girl had a dentist appointment in the area, so we decided to pick up a bite to eat before heading out to take care of business.

Cafe Lola was located right by her dentist office. We have never eaten at Cafe Lola so we were excited to see what it was about.

Cafe Lola is a casual restaurant located in the Oil Center. When we arrived the restaurant was packed with the lunch crowd. The line was from the register to the door. We grabbed a menu and begin looking through the menu in order to choose before arriving at the register.

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Your order is placed at the register and you are given a number that is to be placed on a stand. I had baby girl and Zman with me, so I paid for our order and took the kids to the table and put Z-man in a high chair.

The first high chair that I chose was missing a strap which is not good and couldn’t be used. So I had to take Z-man out the chair and bring the chair back and grab a new one. Thankfully that chair worked.

Our order was called and I waved to the lady to let her know where we were. I thought she would assist me by bringing the tray to the table since I had the two kids but she did not offer to bring the tray to the table. Luckily the lady sitting next to us offered to sit with the kids until I came back from picking up our tray of food. I was so thankful for her.

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I decided on the Crab Cake salad. A golden brown crab cake and tomatoes on a bed of greens with remoulade dressing. The crab cake was very good, but one crab cake wasn’t enough for that size salad. The salad was missing something. Croutons, bacon or cucumbers would have given the salad more color and improved the presentation of the salad. The Remoulade dressing was tasty. The only downside was the dressing was too thick for a salad. But overall it was a good salad.

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Above is the Broccoli cheese soup. The soup was cheesy and had chunks of broccoli. Fantastic taste and creamy, smooth texture. Baby girl loved the soup. Very good.

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I ordered the Chicken Club for Z-man. Though he couldn’t eat it all, he ate the chicken, cheese and bread. The Chicken Club included a Grilled Chicken, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bacon and Mayo.

A good looking sandwich served with tortilla chips and salsa. The chicken was grilled perfectly. The tortilla chips and salsa was fresh and a great compliment to the sandwich.

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Overall Cafe Lola was pretty good. I was disappointed that the restaurant was not kid friendly. The high chairs should be checked to make sure each strap is working and/or not missing. There was no kids menu and we weren’t offered any options that could have worked for kids like most restaurants do. The staff was not helpful with the delivery of the food to the table.

Other than that, the food was pretty good. The salad could use some help presentation wise. A kids menu would be nice for those coming in with children.

Cafe Lola serves a variety of Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Soups and Burgers. The location of Cafe Lola was in a great spot right near the hospital and all the doctor’s offices.

Cafe Lola is located at 1155 Coolidge Street, Lafayette, LA.


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