My husband and I were in Houston for a quick overnight trip and before leaving we decided to find a coffee shop.  One of my husband’s co-workers told us about this super cool coffee shop located in the Heights, MorningStar.

MorningStar has a really cool vibe.  As we entered, I loved the look of the coffee shop.  A variety of finishes from brick to wood, to a black and white color pallet.

Serving up fancy donuts that vary daily, coffee, biscuit sandwiches, egg dishes and much more.

The coffee shop has a variety of seating options from a table for 2, to a table for a larger party or to sit and converse with others you don’t know. I love that there was also an area that was on the side of the coffee shop that would be a perfect spot for someone studying or needing a quiet place to work.

We approached the counter and was greeted by some of the friendliest baristas and cashiers I’ve met in a coffee shop.

I am a coffee shop lover, I love finding coffee shops in different cities.

The young lady went over with us the different donut options for the day.

We made a few picks from the menu and chose a seat.

I ordered a Caramel Latte to drink.  A smooth, tasty cup of coffee with beautiful coffee art.

Our donut choices were the Lemon Poppyseed and the Chocolate Cake donut with Peanut Butter icing and Coca Powder on top.

The donuts were delicious. Light donuts that weren’t overly sweet. One of the things I loved is that they offered gluten free and vegan free donut options.

We shared the Clutch Platter.  The Clutch patter included a bacon, fruit, seasoned potatoes, eggs, french toast and syrup.

A lovely breakfast presentation.  The food was prepared perfectly.  The potatoes had a nice kick. The french toast was delicious. We loved this dish!

This coffee shop didn’t disappoint at all.  The service was incredible.  The food was on point.  I loved it so much, I asked her if they had another location in the area we are moving to in Texas.

I’m putting it out there again, come on MorningStar come on over!

MorningStar is located at 4721 N Main St m, Houston, TX 77009. The Hours of Operation are daily from 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 

Go check them out and be sure to tell them that Da’ Stylish Foodie sent you!