Breakfast Brunch Cafe (BBC) offers chef inspired Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with a  full liquor bar, juice bar and cafe.  Many menu items include fresh local farm to table ingredients.

The Breakfast Brunch Cafe (BBC) is located in the Boardwalk of Towne Lake in Cypress, TX. BBC has indoor and outdoor seating.  Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

BBC definitely has a Cafe vibe.  The menu boast of Sandwiches, Salad, Egg dishes, Burgers, Appetizers and a few comfort food dishes.

I dined a few times at BBC and I have to say that each experience was different.  I will elaborate more on this later in the blog.

One morning it was raining and I was looking for  quiet place to work so I decided to check out the Breakfast Brunch Cafe.

My waitress arrived at the table and she was very welcoming.  She placed a menu on the table and offered me something to drink.

I ordered the hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was chocolatey and topped with creamy whipped cream.  A perfect warm drink for a rainy day.

French toast is my favorite brunch item.  So I ordered the French toast.  The French toast was served with fresh fruit, eggs and bacon.  A simple but good breakfast dish.

My only complaint about this dish.  Was the bacon was rubbery.  Tasted like a bad jerky. Not good.

My first visit was pleasant.  The service was good and overall the food was delicious.

I returned a few weeks later with my mom.  We arrived right before the lunch rush.

My mom wanted a sandwich so she ordered the Texas Reuben.  She loves a good Rueben.  This dish was a twist on the Rueben sandwich.  On the menu it sounded good but what was delivered didn’t taste as well.

The sandwich included grilled chicken breast, thick cut bacon, ham, provolone cheese topped with jalapeño ranch dressing.  Served on thick cut marble rye bread.

The sandwich didn’t include sauerkraut.  The chicken breast was bland.  We tasted the bacon but the ham, wasn’t present.

A big disappointment.  Not the best sandwich. The sandwich lacked flavor.

I ordered the shrimp and grits.  Being from Louisiana I had high expectations for this dish.  The dish consisted of jumbo shrimp, stone ground white cheddar grits, crispy bacon and a charred butter sauce.

This dish was delicious.  It didn’t disappoint.  They did good with this one.

A few people recommended the beignets since we are from Louisiana. The French beignets are deep fried and tossed in cinnamon and powdered sugar. Served with a caramel sauce.

Epic fail.  We sent the first batch back to the kitchen because the were undercooked. The second batch came back the same.  I asked to have the dish removed from our ticket and the table.  The caramel sauce served with the beignets was really good.  I was disappointed because I know what beignets are supposed to taste like.

The beignets weren’t tossed evenly in cinnamon and powdered sugar.  So visually they didn’t present well.

Not the sweet finish we would have liked.  My second visit wasn’t as pleasant as the first.  Which was kind of sad.  Because the success of any business is all about consistency.  The service was ok the second time.

My overall thoughts of Breakfast Brunch Cafe is that I think they have some really good dishes.  But execution is critical.  I think they need to make sure items listed in a dish on the menu should include what’s on the menu and the dishes should be served to perfection. Consistency is the key to the success of any restaurant.

The shrimp and grits was my favorite of everything I tried.

BBC is located at 9995 Barker Cypress Road, STE 110, Cypress, TX 77433. The hours of operation are Monday – Thursday 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and Friday – Saturday 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.