It’s been quite a year for me both as a blogger and in my personal life. The year started with a lot of uncertainty about the future of our location and whether we would be moving.

Big changes began in February for our family. When we decided we would be moving to Houston in the Summer. Moving to a larger city, starting new schools, new jobs, new church and basically moving my brand to a new state.

We were both terrified and excited but we knew God had his hand upon us.

Being in Houston I haven’t completely dived into the food world here yet. I wanted to make sure my kiddos and hubby were settled and comfortable.

But little did I know local Texas brands would begin to seek me out. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands both in the Houston area as well as in the world.

I am beyond excited to see what 2019 has to hold. One thing God has continued to speak to me these last few months, continue to be true to yourself and who you are as a blogger. I’ve given you favor that will get you in doors people won’t understand how you got there. I continue to hold onto that because I know His word is true!

Special thank you to all my Louisiana followers  who continue to follow my journey as well as all the Houston followers that have recently followed.

Keep rocking with me, because the Da’Stylish Foodie is about to become a household name that will grab the attention of many. I’m speaking and declaring it. Hello 2019!