The Christmas Holidays are upon us. Time to shop for our favorite people and those we love.

When gift giving one of the things I start with when deciding on what to buy someone is does it have meaning.

I love gifts with meaning. Gifts that are personable and that really means something to the person I am buying for.

I am spotlighting the perfect business that offers just that, Forever anniversary is a company that specializes in personalized anniversary gifts. Whether it’s an initial piece, last name, special phrase for a bracelet or necklace, Forever anniversary has a piece for you.

Not only do they specialize in anniversary gifts, but their products make great gifts throughout the year! Whether it’s presents for a birthday, wedding gift, engagement present, housewarming gift, Valentines Day, Christmas, a baby shower, a going away present, and so much more! Don’t let the name fool you, Forever Anniversary, doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself every once in awhile just because!

Forever Anniversary reached out to me about their Soundwave Necklace 10th anniversary gift. 

The process is very simple, your record your voice, then your voice is turned into a sound wave and engraved onto a necklace.

Details of the necklace:

Pendant width: 1.25″

Metal: Sterling Silver

Chain Length: 18″

Once the order is placed you email the file with your voice. It will then be turned into a sound wave necklace and shipped to you!

Simple and easy.

When Forever anniversary asked me I knew exactly what I wanted. I recorded my voice saying, Be an Influence. This is something God has spoken to me over and over again. So this was my choice.

I emailed my voice.

The sound wave was then printed on a necklace.

I absolutely love how it came out. It’s simple, yet meaningful.

This is a special piece. So whether it’s the last sound of the voice of a loved one or something you want to remind someone of, it’s an amazing piece that will not only be touching to the person you are buying it for. But also thoughtful and with meaning.

It’s not only personable but it’s the perfect accent piece to any outfit. Whether you are dressing up or just in a sweatsuit it’s perfect.

Forever Anniversary is one of my recommended Gift Ideas. You can find out more about what they sell and offer by visiting their website.

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