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Cooking is something that I love and enjoy doing. Cooking requires chopping, cutting and prepping items.

Which means knives go dull over time and need to be sharpened.

Some of my knives that I use often were becoming dull and in need of sharpening. I was thrilled when Knife Aid reached out to me for a collaboration.

“Knife Aid is a Professional knife sharpening by mail company who sharpens knives for the customer without the customer having to leave their home.

Knife Aid is combining traditional craftsmanship with the most advanced sharpening technology. Knife sharpening, a skill that has to be handed down person by person, is a ancient art form. Using online and mail services, we are not only helping keep this skill alive, we are also making it accessible and easy to use for even the remotest customers.

And while sharpening your blunt knives will not only add joy to your cooking and save you $$, it will also help reduce waste and protect the environment.

The vision of Knife Aid is to offer the most professional, fastest and hassle-free knife sharpening service in America. We guarantee the best service and complete satisfaction to our customers, provided by a truly happy team. Our corporate culture is one of openness and flexibility – allowing us to be in the water when the swell is right. One of the many reasons why we chose Malibu, California as our headquarters”. 

The process was so easy to do.

Knife Aid shipped me a prepaid envelope with all the details for shipping the knives to their facility.

The step by step process is provided. Simple and easy.

Once the knives were packaged and ready to go. We dropped the package off to the post office and that was it.

The thing that I love is that the process didn’t take long. Time frame is 4 – 7 days including shipping. Wow.

I received my package and I couldn’t wait to try out the knives.

I unpacked the knives very carefully and immediately used the knives.

Ok my review, AMAZING. The knives were so sharp! Cutting through food like butter.

I highly recommend Knife Aid. Easy, Fast and Reliable.

Knife Aid offers sharpening packages for 4, 7, 10, 14 knives.

For more information check out https://knifeaid.com/pages/how-knife-sharpening-works

In addition, Knife Aid also offers Knife Repairs for damaged knives. Knives with damaged or broken tips or chipped, for a low cost.

Knife Aid was featured on Shark Tank and The View as well.

Interested in trying out Knife Aid Sharpening service, use the promo code DASTYLISHKNIFE to receive a $10 any sharpening package. Expires in 30 days so don’t wait.