I am so behind on blog post it’s not even funny. But it’s ok, just know I have lots of content coming your way once life is back to normal.

In this blog post, I am recapping my husband’s birthday dinner. We celebrated in a simple way with a small party for him with just me and the kiddos.

Anyone who knows my husband knows that he wouldn’t want it any other way. He loves family time.

During the day, I did all my running around.

First stop was Party City to pick out decorations.

They had everything I needed for a successful night.

After leaving Party City, I headed to the grocery store to pick up the food that I was going to cook and serve.

Since it was a school night, I wanted to create a dish that was both yummy but quick to prepare.

I knew I wanted to prepare Seafood dishes, so I headed to the seafood department. Kroger had everything thing I needed for this special birthday dinner.

After leaving I headed to the bakery to pick up his cake. The Cupcake Cowgirls were able to make the cupcake cake that I wanted for my husband’s birthday.

Once I picked up the cake, I headed home before it was time to pick up my son.

My husband and daughter had basketball practice that day which was perfect.

This gave me time to get everything set up.

My son and I set up the decorations. We kept it simple but festive.

I knew that my husband would love it.

For the menu, I decided on Buttery Salmon topped with Lemongrass garlic shrimp on a bed of basmati rice and garlic asparagus. Oh man.

The preparation for this dish were so simple.

Everything was prepared in Aluminum foil parcels.

This meal took 25 minutes tops, which also included prep. Not bad if I say myself.

The Salmon was a Dill and Lemon Butter Salmon.

The Shrimp was prepared with smoked paprika, butter, cilantro and shrimp.

Seasoned with Himalayan Pink Salt. My first time cooking with Himalayan Pink Salt.

So easy to prepare and delicious.

Garlic and Lemongrass asparagus was something different I tried.

Lemongrass is very flavorful and a perfect pairing for asparagus.

The food was timed perfectly. The timer went off 5 minutes after my husband and daughter arrived from basketball practice.

I plated the food and we were ready to eat.

We served a fancy drink that everyone could share, Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Rosé.

Dinner is served. A yummy and healthy dish that was so flavorful. An easy peasy meal that anyone can prepare.

Maybe I will share the recipe on my blog in the future.

We enjoyed dinner and talking all about the day.

Now it was time to sing happy birthday and eat cake. The kiddos couldn’t wait. Yummy.

The cake turned out great. For more information on Cupcake Cowgirls Bakery visit https://www.facebook.com/thecupcakecowgirlsbakery/

The dinner was finished with a little birthday party confetti. Who doesn’t love confetti. Thanks Party City for always having the best birthday party items.  https://www.partycity.com/

Birthday celebrations as a family are a big deal. It’s something we do big or small.

In this time now more than ever be thankful for your family. At the end of the day, they are the most important people in our lives.

Happy Friday!