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I’m originally from Louisiana for those who maybe new to the blog. It’s Crawfish Season and Boiling Crawfish is something we love doing with our family back in Louisiana.

Unfortunately, due to Social Distancing we won’t be able to travel to Louisiana for our traditional Good Friday Crawfish Boil with our entire family.

We recently Boiled Crawfish as a family.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Zatarain’s for this Crawfish Boil. They were kind enough to send me some delicious Sausage and some nice Zatarain’s Swag.

Zatarain’s now sells Andouille Smoked Sausage and Cajun Style Sausage.

I was able to test the sausage in a few other dishes, but I will share that at a later time.

Zatarain’s Andouille Smoked Sausage

This fully cooked smoked sausage makes a quick and easy main dish or slice it and add to any of Zatarain’s Rice Mixes for a convenient one-pot meal.

Zatarain’s Cajun Style Sausage

Made with 100% pork and seasoned with paprika, this fully cooked smoked sausage makes a quick and easy main dish.


Now for the Crawfish Boil. Oh my gooooooddnnnnessss!!!

It was a gorgeous day for a Crawfish boil.

We started prepping for the Crawfish Boil.

My husband was able to purchase Crawfish from H-E-B.

The kids were so excited for the Crawfish Boil.

The Crawfish weren’t huge but they were a really good size.

The Sausage was the most important thing of day, next to the Crawfish which is of most importance for any Crawfish Boil.

I prepared my dip first. I make my very own Crawfish Dip. I said one day, I will bottle this Crawfish Dip.

Once the dip was prepared, I refrigerated it until we were ready to use it.

My husband was in charge of boiling everything. I was just his assistant at that point.

Once the Crawfish was almost done, I began getting my table ready for the Crawfish and to shoot my content.

Man the Crawfish turned out great. Oh my gosh! Delicious.

The Zatarain’s sausage was a fantastic addition to this crawfish boil. The spiciness of the sausage was superb. It added a nice flavor to the Crawfish. Oh so good. The Zatarain’s sausage is very versatile.

Be sure to sign up for my blog updates to see what else I made with the sausage in an upcoming blog post.

My family and I had a wonderful day outside and really enjoyed our time talking, eating and playing together.

A special thank you to Zatarain’s for Sponsoring this Crawfish Boil. I am so thankful for you this opportunity.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on what you should do with the leftover Crawfish from your Crawfish Boil.

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