We are in the middle of a Pandemic called Covid-19. By this time, I thought we would be out of this and enjoying Summer. But Summer looks a bit different for many people.

No big time Traveling, Arcades, Bowling alleys or Skating Rings for us. We are staying close to home. The virus is on a rampage here in Houston. So we are doing our best to take the necessary precautious.

Mask have become our most popular accessory now days. Don’t leave home without it. I love to be stylish, so I have to make sure I have a few mask to hopefully coordinate with my outfit.

Ok, I am just joking, but I do try!!

I have seen so many ads about Mask. There was one mask that really caught my eyes. One of my fellow blogger friends posted about a company called Shut Your Mouth. 

Shut Your Mouth is a Texas based company with Houston entrepreneurs at the helm. Shut Your Mouth is bringing masks with zipper styles to consumers.

The aim is to make drinking and eating easier, as the masks’ zippers provide access to your mouth.

The mask is both functional and cute. It also included a straw for easy access for drinking and eating. I didn’t use it to eat, but it worked great for drinking.

Mask will be a part of our lives for a while. Why not wear it in style.

Shut Your Mouth has a variety of styles prints available. For more information on Shut Your Mouth mask visit their website https://www.shopshutyourmouth.com/

Here is a discount code if you are interested in purchasing one, Angie15