Our daughter loves animals. She’s an aspiring Veterinarian. But she especially loves dogs. So when this opportunity presented itself she was ecstatic.

This leads me to my featured product, The Buddy Bandana. 

“The Buddy Bandana was born in Boston in 2019. The mission is to spread awareness and raise money for rescue organizations across the country. Each year approximately 1.5 Million shelter animals are euthanized, (670,000 dogs). We pride ourselves on donating to no kill shelters to support and save animals in need”.

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Photo Credit: Buddy Bandana

The Buddy Bandana sells matching fashion sets for the dog and the owner. Specifically A bandana for your pet and a matching scrunchies or headband just for you, because best friends should match. Right??!!

They have adorable sets like Avocado Matching set, The Pinknic set, Camo and much more.

My daughter and our dog Hershey is wearing the Blue Coral Matching Set. So cute.

Includes the Headband, Scrunchies and bandana. Adorable. https://thebuddybandana.com/collections/best-sellers/products/lily-matching-set?variant=30190426456100

In addition, there are Hats, just regular bandanas and mask.

For more information on Buddy Bandana visit their website. https://thebuddybandana.com/

I’m also including a discount code dastylishfoodie15.