In this blog, I’m continuing our with my review of Horseshoe Bay Resort.

Today’s blog is specifically about J’s Restaurant and Bar on the Horseshoe Bay Resorts property.  J’s is the best on the property in my opinion.

J’s Restaurant and Bar serves up elevated Hill Country Cuisine. The restaurant serves classic dishes that are mastered with a Texas twist.

Due to Covid, J’s has the option for Dine in or Order to go. But you have to come and pick it up yourself. The restaurant doesn’t deliver to your room.

In this blog, I will share the different items we tried at few different times.

We arrived to Dine in at the restaurant after checking into the hotel. As we arrived at the hostess desk for a seat we noticed how nice the inside of the restaurant was.

It was between lunch and dinner time so the restaurant wasn’t very busy. We waited near the hostess desk to be seated. Two young ladies appeared to have a lot going on among themselves and it took a few minutes for them to even say hi or nod to let us know they would be with us shortly.

After about 5 minutes, I asked if we could seat ourselves. She then decided to be aware of what she should have been doing. We asked for outdoor seating.

I will say before moving on, the hostess is the first people that the person dining in sees, have your best people there to be sure that they are welcoming and aware of the customers. I know the restaurants are hurting and in need of customers, but customer service should still be a priority. That’s all, back to the restaurant.

At this time my family and I only dine outdoors. But the inside of the restaurant was very nice and open.

We sat outside on the patio. The restaurant’s patio overlooks the Tower pool. The patio had great views.

Our waitress arrived to take our order. She shared the limited menu with us.

I ordered a Shirley temple for my drink.

Since it was so close to dinner time, we decided to do a few Shareables. We started with the Totchos. For those who may not know, a Totchos are basically loaded Tots that are stacked with toppings like you would nachos. The Totchos included fried, crispy tator tots topped with smoked pork, bbq spice, queso, aged cheddar and cumin crema.

A really good shareable item. The tots were crispy. The toppings all worked well together. The queso was delicious.

The pulled pork was great with all the other items.

In addition to the Totchos, we tried the Smoked Chicken Wings with celery, smoked carrots and ranch dipping sauce.

The Smoked Chicken wings were delicious. Tossed in a buffalo sauce. Served with some of the best carrots I have ever eaten. I am not a big carrots eater but the carrots were superb.

The wings were smoked perfectly. My only complaint would be that the wings weren’t evenly tossed in the sauce.

Other than that, the shareables were both really good.

After lunch, we decided to explore the property a bit. It was an overcast day, but it wasn’t hot. So we’ll take it.

I love all the water and places to be outside at Horseshoe Bay Resort. The resort is really nice, but we could clearly see that the resort had lots of damage from the Winter storm that hit Texas. Which is sad, but in time, hopefully the place will be as nice as it was before.

We were a little disappointed to see the damage. I guess as a person who is traveling there for a vacation and had never been to the resort, you see all the beautiful pictures on the website and on instagram and then you arrive and it looks different.

I said all that to say, should a hotel be required to contact a customer and say I know you booked a trip here, but beware we had some damage? I am curious as to what you think.

Those things are important to me because I shoot a lot of content when I travel.

Anyways, we didn’t let it bother us. We enjoyed our time on the property.

We spent a few hours outdoors sitting, chatting, exploring and enjoying one another’s company.

As a married couple it’s important to have time away from the kids to reconnect and talk without being interrupted and laugh and have fun together. Just a little nugget for the married couples out there.

For Dinner, we decided to order J’s Restaurant to go. Ok, let me just say the Dinner menu is on a whole different level!

My husband ordered the Hill Country Chicken Fried Steak. This dish consisted of a house breaded angus ribeye, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, buttered green beans and black pepper gravy.

This Chicken Fried Steak was fried a golden brown and fried perfectly. Perfection in a plate. Really delicious.

I ordered the Charcoal Smoked Chicken. This dish included Natural, Herb Brined Chicken that was smoked with Charcoal, Cheddar Grits, Charred Vegetables and Texichurri.

The Cheddar Grits were delicious. The Smoked Chicken was so moist. Oh my. Whoever is cooking in that kitchen knows what they are doing. Really good dish.

The charred broccoli, carrots and brussels were delicious.

Both dishes were massive. The food was enough for us to share. Incredible food being served at J’s on the dinner menu!

My only complaint is that I wish that it was served in a real plate. But that’s more because it would have been great to photograph. The dishes were too pretty for plastic plating.

I do get it with Covid and wanting to handle the food correctly and serve appropriately. The food was gorgeous though.

We saved room for Dessert, the Apple Cobbler. The Apple Cobbler was pretty as well. A biscuit crust with coal roasted apples, streusel and vanilla ice cream. The dessert was on point.

Overall we really enjoyed the food at J’s Restaurant and Bar was incredible. The food was plated nicely and each dish was well thought out. The service was just ok. I think that they can use a little help in the service department for the restaurant just based on our first dining experience.

But the to go orders were easy, ready in the amount of time they said. The food was hot when we received.

The food at J’s is top notch. Best food we ate while at the resort both on property and off property.

J’s Restaurant has a high class feel and the dishes served match the vibe. Well done J’s Restaurant and Bar.

For those who enjoy outdoor dining, J’s has a great outdoor patio that is covered with great views.

The restaurant is near the firepit. This spot was a hot location. We enjoyed some time just enjoying the view as well.

J’s Restaurant and Bar is located in Horseshoe Bay Resort at 200 Hi Circle North, Horseshoe Bay, Texas 78657.

Stay tuned for my review of the Marina at Horseshoe Bay Resort and the full review of the resort and the room we chose. Don’t miss it.

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