Cooper’s Old Time BBQ

For Father’s Day my husband wanted BBQ. We stopped in at Cooper’s Old Time BBQ. We had never been there and wanted to check it out.

Cooper’s is an old school, Classic BBQ joint with picnic table seating. Serving up brisket, ribs, pulled and more straight from the pit.

Cooper’s is a family friendly restaurant.

As we walked in, I loved the look and feel of the restaurant. The restaurant felt Like a BBQ spot.

We approached the counter and there was a lady taking orders for our meat options. We chose our meat and then headed to the sides table.

While we were waiting to chose our sides, a guy was there waiting to order desserts and he convinced us to try the cobbler. Oh I’m glad that we did. More on that later.

We paid for our food and headed to find a table.

The bbq set up is just like a family bbq from the tables to sit on to table with pickles, onions and beans, bread and drinks.

After we picked up our items we headed to table to enjoy our food.

Our son ordered the Loaded Baked Potato with cheese, butter, chives, bacon. He loved it.

This baked potato was seasoned on the outside as well. I’ve never seen it before, but the potato was definitely better because of it.

My daughter ordered the Pulled Pork sandwich with a side of jalapeño Mac and cheese. The sandwich had a nice portion of pulled pork. My daughter said it was very good. The Mac and cheese was superb.

My husband ordered the Beef Rib. The Beef Rib was huge! He said it was seasoned nicely and had a nice crust on the outside. The ribs were tender and cooked perfectly. He didn’t even add bbq sauce on top, he loved it as is. For his sides he chose the green beans as a side. Man the green beans were seasoned nicely.

I ordered the Brisket and Sausage with Mac and cheese and green beans. The brisket was Melt in your mouth brisket. Seasoned to perfection.  The smoked sausage was just ok for me. I didn’t like it.

They are not afraid to season their meat at all. We loved that the food was well seasoned. Being from Louisiana, we love seasoning. For some this might be too much. It may be a matter of preference.

We also ordered the Peach Cobbler and the Blackberry Cobbler. These desserts were incredible. We enjoyed our cobblers at home with ice cream. They did an awesome job on these Cobblers.

Overall we enjoyed the food. The food was well-seasoned. The service was ok. The BBQ didn’t disappoint at all. We really enjoyed it. The BBQ was a little on the expensive side, but the food was worth it. We would definitely go back again.

They have a great outdoor patio but it’s too hot right now for patio dining but it will be great for the spring and fall.

Cooper’s Old-Time Pit BBQ is located at 24205 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77494. The Hours of Operation are Monday – Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Friday- Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.