Last week I was talking to my kids about a popular sandwich we enjoyed as a child, Bologna Sandwich. 

After a discussion with them, I decided to recreate this sandwich for them for dinner.

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New School Bologna Sandwich is my way of creating a Bologna Sandwich with different ingredients than what we included in our normal Bologna Sandwich.
Recipe Notes

New School Bologna Sandwich 

On any given day as a child, you could find a bologna sandwich on the table for lunch or dinner. We loved Bologna Sandwiches. Our sandwiches typically included Mayo, Mustard, Bread and Sliced American Government Cheese. Yeah you heard me, government cheese.

A sandwich I absolutely loved.

I had a conversation with my kids about this recently. I love to tell them stories about where and how I grew up.

When I told them about the Bologna sandwich I decided to recreate it for them. Sandwiches are a quick meal for any family. It's not just a normal sandwich but I added a few special ingredients.


  • Pepperidge farm white sandwich bread
  • Mayo
  • Stone ground Mustard
  • Mixed greens
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Ruffles All dressed Potato chips
  • Boar's Smoked Gouda Cheese (From the deli)
  • Boar's Bologna (From deli, have them slice for your desired thickness)


  1. Start with toasting your bread in a toaster or convection oven. Until brown on both side.
  2. Fry bologna until desired color. I like mine until the bologna begins to bubble and is almost burned. The Boar's Head bologna doesn't bubble like the normal bologna in the pack. But that's OK. Flip and repeat.
  3. Add Cheese on top until melted.
  4. Slice tomatoes. Set aside.
  5. Begin building the sandwich.
  6. Spread mayo on both pieces of bread.
  7. Mustard on both pieces of bread.
  8. Add lettuce.
  9. Add tomatoes.
  10. Place 2 pieces of the bologna with cheese.
  11. Add some of the ruffles on top! Oh my. My cousin use to talk about potato chips on sandwiches all the time and boy this one hit the spot.  You will need TWO hands for this sandwich.
  12. Serve a pickle on the side. Enjoy!