Knives are a vital part of preparing the majority of meals. This post is all about just that knives. I collaborated recently with Kamikoto Knives.

I have collaborated with Kamikoto Knives in the past. I was thrilled to be able to work with them again.

Kamikoto Knives has a new line of knives. Kamikoto Knives, “Craftsmanship has been at the beating heart of Japan for hundreds of years; Kamikoto builds on this legacy of steelmaking excellence to make tradition relevant. Each product is a masterclass in knife making; you can feel the spirit of the craftsman in the end piece”.

I tested 3 new knives, Kanpeki 5 -inch Utility Knife, Kanpeki 7 inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife and Kanpeki 8.5 inch Slicing Knife.

Pictured is the Kanpeki 7 inch Nakiri Vegetable Knife. This knife is the knife that I use the most. I refer to it as my Chef’s knife. Very versatile.

A great knife for all your prep work.

The Kanpeki 8.5 inch slicing knife is perfect for slicing. This knife is a lengthy knife for filleting fish, preparing sashimi or slicing marbled cuts of meat.

I prepared a steak dinner and after the steak rested I sliced the steak. Nice and easy slices, a really good slicing knife.

Gorgeous slices on the steak!

I also used the knife to slice my smoked salmon.

The Kanepeki 5 inch Utility Knife. This knife is perfect for slicing, peeling, shucking and pitting.

I used the knife to prepare a quick snack for my kids.

Great to cut apples.

Preparing a mocktail or cocktail? Perfect to prep your fruit.

I was working on a mocktail, so I used the 5 inch utility knife to slice my lemons.

As you can see, my summer Watermelon Refresher.

Overall, I absolutely love the Kamikoto Knives. The knives are presented beautifully in a wooden natural-colored ash wood box for safe storage and keeping.

The knives are a wonderful addition to my collection. Every good cook needs a good set of knives.

I recommend these knives. The versatility and the specific uses of each knife is awesome. As you can see I prepared multiple dishes.

Every good cook, needs a good set of knives. Knives make your job easier and quicker.

For more information on Kamikoto visit https://kamikoto.com/

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