Traveling is something I absolutely love. A short vacation refreshes me and gives me a chance to reset from the busyness of school, work, sports, etc.

When we travel, we love exploring the area we are staying in to find places to shop or dine.

I am so excited to share this restaurant. My husband found this one, so I have to give him the credit for this one.

We celebrated our anniversary prior to this couples getaway, but we kept it simple until our travel to La Cantera Resort

Signature Restaurant is one of the most unforgettable spots that we have ever dined at, you will soon find out why.

Let me make sure by saying, you will need to make reservations ahead of time!! The reservations fill up really fast.

The restaurant is only a few minutes from the resort, so we took a shuttle from the resort to Signature restaurant.

Signature Restaurant offers Seasonal fare with a French & Texas tilt in a charming space at La Cantera Resort & Spa.

The restaurant has a San Antonio decor with an elevated touch.

We arrived early and we were seated in the lobby until dining service began. Right at 6 we were seated and the dining experience officially began.

The server arrived with water followed by a young lady with fruit and vegetables to infuse your water. Ok, I see you Signature.

The plate of vegetables and fruit were beautifully presented.

We started with a few spirit free libations. My husband ordered the It’s About Fig and Thyme . Funny name for this mocktail. Created with Figs, Thyme, Vanilla and Soda. Now let me say, I was a little skeptical about this one. But man, they did a phenomenal job on this drink. Superb.

I ordered the Tamarind Fizz mocktail. This one was made with tamarind, lime, topo chico. The best mocktail I have ever had at any restaurant. Perfectly balanced flavors and I loved the presentation of the drink.

The waitress came to table and discussed with us the menu and made some recommendations.

We decided to try the Fried Oysters and Caviar. This dish sounded incredible. We couldn’t wait to try it.

While we were waiting, this mini spoon with soup arrived at the table. Unfortunately, I totally forgot the name of this one. But I can tell you it was so flavorful. Wow. Something so small packed great flavor.

A few minutes later this beautiful Black peppercorn bread  arrived with onion ash butter. Man oh man, this bread was soft, hot and paired perfectly with this onion ash butter. Delicious.

Our Fried Oysters and Caviar dish arrived at the table. What a picture perfect dish!! This dish was gorgeous.

This dish consisted of brioche bread that was toasted and topped with a beautiful  tomato jam, a crispy fried oyster and caviar and creme fraiche and green onions.

It taste as beautiful as it looked. The oysters were fried to perfection. The flavors married so well together. Wow.

A Pineapple sorbet arrived at the table a few minutes after we finished our appetizer. This was a palate cleanser before dinner.

My husband ordered the Short Rib for his entree. The short rib was served on a pommes puree (type of mashed potato), with charred okra and black garlic jus. Topped with a crispy shallot.

This dish was stunning. OMG! So pretty. The Short Rib was so tender and well seasoned. The different elements and textures in this dish was delicious.

I ordered the Halibut for my entree. This dish included a gorgeous Halibut in a citrus-soy broth, with crispy rice, sweety drop peppers and herbs. This dish was picture perfect. It was different I have to say. An interesting taste profile. It was light and flavorful.

I didn’t love the sweety drop peppers. A bit of a weird taste for me. The crispy rice was nice. The Halibut was cooked perfectly. I loved the fresh herbs on top. Really pretty.

For dessert we ordered the Mystery Lemon. Goodness gracious! Such a beautiful dessert. This dessert included a vanilla & white chocolate ganache, lemon curd, lime olive cake, orange crunch, mango sorbet.

One of the best dessert we’ve ever eaten. This was so well done! The different elements of this dish was gorgeous and incredibly delicious.

We didn’t know this, but we also received a delicious plate of chocolates. Definitely a sweet finish to an incredible dining experience.

Overall the food was incredibly delicious. Each dish was presented beautifully. The food was on a whole nother level. These dishes were specifically crafted in excellence.

Each dish was made with fresh ingredients. Many are grown outside on property. Our waitress took us outside to explore the property.

The service was top notch. From the person handling the drinks, the waitress to the table runners they worked in unity with each other.

Signature restaurant in San Antonio provides a high-end dining experience.

Signature restaurant is located at 16401 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256

The hours of operation are Tuesday – Saturday 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am – 1:30 pm, 5:30 pm -9:00 pm.

Again I recommend you make reservations if you want to enjoy this restaurant. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


Go check them out and be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.