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I love Kitchen Tools. I’m always searching for NEW kitchen tools. I love Kitchen tools that make my cooking experience quicker and easier.

I am sharing two tools on the blog, a Milk Frother and Garlic and Ginger Press.

These products were sent to me from a company called Zulay Kitchen.

“Zulay Kitchen is a family-owned company with a wide variety of kitchen products we pride ourselves on! At Zulay Kitchen we focus on product quality and bring our customers products that we use ourselves in our kitchens, backed by our lifetime warranty”.

First up is the Garlic & Ginger Press. This press is of professional grade.

I have to admit this Garlic & Ginger press is of great quality. The press worked so well. I don’t like mincing garlic by hand, this tool made the process so easy. An awesome tool!

The quality of the product was impressive.

The tool was easy to clean as well.

The second tool was a Hand Milk Frother. The Hand milk frother is a one touch tool to froth your milk.

Though I already have a milk frother on my currrent coffee maker. The frother is a good option for quick use.

One touch, battery operated easy to clean tool, the tool works best with warm milk.

A quality frother with a stand for when the frother isn’t in use. So cool.

Here is a 10% off discount code to go towards your first purchase, DSFOODIE10.

Zulay Kitchen sells many other types of utensils and tools. Visit their website for more details. http://www.zulaykitchen.com?ref=d19032aa7a95263dd00e