Our son loves to cook. He will often come in the kitchen wanting to help. Which is a blessing, because the little man loves to eat too.

This collaboration with Raddish Kids was perfect for him.

Raddish Kids objective is that they are on a mission to deliver culinary experiences that nurtures kid’s confidence in the kitchen and beyond.

“6 Months subscription to Raddish Kids includes: 6 Uniquely designed thematic kits delivered monthly. Each kit includes: 3 laminated child ready recipe guides, a quality kitchen tool, a collectible colorful apron patch and 4 table talk cards. A creative kitchen project, 3 culinary skill lessons and a complete grocery list”.

The kit was boxed nicely with a whisk that he can use when helping cook in the kitchen. There was also a nice pocket envelope with lots of great items like a diner guest check (pretend ticket for ordering). So cute. Great for the kiddos to take orders and pretend to be a waiter.

There were also 3 laminated recipes that are kid friendly, Cheesy Chili Mac, Baked Denver Omelet and Zucchini Fries with Ranch Dip. Some really yummy recipes that I can’t wait to make with my little man.

In addition, there was a Milkshake Mash-up with a few delicious milkshake options.

Each box will be different from month to month.

Raddish Kids is running a Summer promotion that offers  $15 off 6 Month subscription when you use code ATHOME

For more information, visit their website.  https://www.raddishkids.com/pages/join