My husband recently celebrated a birthday! I usually cook for him for his birthday. But his birthday was on a weekend, so we decided to switch things up. He has been wanting to try The Greasy Spoon for awhile now.

So we decided to head over to The Greasy Spoon for lunch. It  was perfect because the kids were out of school that day.

The Greasy Spoon (TGS) is a Soul Food Bistro that combines Southern/American dishes with a Cajun flare.

As we entered the restaurant we quickly noticed that the restaurant was a compact restaurant, but it had a good vibe.

We used the QR code and began perusing the menu. There is a buffet style line with dishes like Oxtails, Meatloaf, Pork Chops, Baked chicken and more.

These dishes looked amazing but that’s not what we came for, we had our eyes on a few other dishes.

The young lady at the register welcomed us and asked what we wanted to order, we excitedly began to place our order and she began to tell us that at least 2 of the items we wanted wasn’t available.

So I asked her why the menu wasn’t updated, she apologized and said that they decided since they opened the new restaurant in Pearland that the new restaurant would have the speciality items that many people were coming for like the Stuffed Turkey Legs. That was the main reason we drove 30 minutes to go.

We were a little frustrated but we stepped away and made a few other choices.

First up is the Boudin Egg Rolls. These are deep fried boudin rice with pepper jack cheese. The egg rolls were fried to perfection. The Greasy Spoon special sauce was incredible. This appetizer was superb.

The kids ordered the Cajun Fried Chicken Wings plate. The wings came with two sides, they tried the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. The chicken wings were flavorful and crispy without being over fried. This is what a good chicken wings looks and taste like. Amazing.

The sides were on point as well. Absolutely delicious.

I ordered the Cajun Seafood Stack. This dish included Fried Catfish on a bed of dirty rice with collard greens, sauteed shrimp and crabmeat that was smothered in Cajun Seafood sauce.

This dish was crazy good! Oh my word!  Every component was seasoned and prepared to perfection. This is Cajun goodness! So good!

My only complaint is that I wished that the dish was served on an actual plate. It’s such an elegant and expensive plate of food. The plate did it no justice. But with that being said, I know that they are trying to be safe with Covid. So I get it.

The birthday boy had the Boss Seafood Stack.

This dish consisted of everything my dish had but TGS set it over the top with a fried lobster tail on the top. Let’s just say my husband was a happy man. This dish didn’t disappoint at all. So good!

Overall The Greasy Spoon didn’t disappoint. Every single dish we ordered was incredible. There are some amazing cooks at The Greasy Spoon.

My only complaints were that their menus need to be updated specifying what location has what. Especially because a lot of their customers are traveling a good distance to try their food.

Also the cooked to order dishes should be served on a plate. If you are paying $35.00 for a meal, it shouldn’t be eaten out of a to go container. Besides that the dining experience was great. The customer service was great!

The Greasy Spoon is definitely a spot to visit if you love Soul food. We left full and fulfilled. Really good.

The Greasy Spoon we visited is located at 636 Cypress Station Dr. Ste A, Houston, TX 77090.

The Birthday boy was very pleased!

Go check them out and be sure to tell them that Da’Stylish Foodie sent you.